Horror Vacui - Catalogue

ISBN: 9783947756001
Dimensions: 21.6 x 15.5 cm
Pages: 44 - Plates: 20
Published by: Studio TvdO - 2018

Price: 16 EUR + Shipping (4 EUR to EU, 8 EUR to non-EU) (includes 7% German VAT)



Kindle eBook
Pages: 87
Published by: Studio TvdO

Price: 2.99 EUR

Stop Talking To Yourself is a collection of short dialogues all centred around one semi-fictional character. Join protagonist ‘Timmy’ on his journey to find the Meaning of Life along with his keys through this collection of absurd conversations. The stories range from humourously odd to excruciatingly realistic, though reality is exactly what Timmy is fighting so hard.

Read how Timmy fixes his bicycle, calls the tax office, insults North Korea, buys a car, rapes his reflection in the mirror (only to end up in hospital where a drunk surgeon inspects his genitalia), etcetera...

Author Tim van den Oudenhoven (°1983) is a visual artist living and working in Berlin, Germany. He writes mainly to amuse himself (though others are allowed to be amused too) and to give a treat to his hyperactive fingertips (who clearly have minds of their own).
He holds a Master of Arts degree in English & Swedish literature, another Master’s degree in visual arts and, perhaps most importantly, a diploma for the “Responsible Service of Alcohol” from the Australian government that allows him to get kangaroos drunk and make love to their unconscious bodies (not that he has ever done so, or so he asserts (though isn't it suspicious that he never went back to Australia?)).

Author's Statement:
"I really can't remember this; I was so wasted when I wrote that piece of drivel that I was amazed Amazon was happy to publish it. What? They don't have a selection committee? Sure they do, why else did I have to pay that Nigerian prince 20,000 euro? He'll come back to give it to me though (and give it to me good, yeah!), but it's taking him somewhat longer because he has a fear of flying (he lost his favourite giraffe in a plane crash (it crashed because some fool had let a giraffe board the plane), he never set foot in a plane (or a giraffe) after that.
Where was I? Oh yes, that book! Seriously, if you want to buy it, do it only "ironically", because otherwise I'd lose my faith in humanity and I'd have no choice but to kick myself in the pancreas. Can you live with that?

Yes, I do write my own press texts..."